Division 4 & 5 Class Catalog


2-dimensional art

Draw, paint, and print in this 2-Dimensional art class. Explore many different art styles using a variety of materials including pencils, pastels, and paints. Use newly learned skills to create beautiful self-portraits, and capture your surroundings at Chatham Day Camp. Whether it is striking a pose for a sketch, or working together on a large mural, you'll be amazed at what you can create!

3-dimensional art

Sculpt, mold, and build with a variety of materials to create your very own sculptures. Learn the 3 Dimensional principals of design and scavenge across campus using found materials in your work as you build self-portraits as well!

Acro, balance, and the circus oh my!

Have you ever wondered how circus performers twist themselves into crazy shapes or work with partners to do fancy acrobatics? Join us to learn the basics of circus performing including acroyoga/partner acrobatics, flexibility, and balance. Campers should be ready to learn to work closely with others as group cooperation is necessary.  This class can be taken alone or with "Slackline, Juggling, and the Circus, Oh My!" for a great circus experience!

Advanced Soccer

Campers who have experience in playing the game of soccer are invited to join this class to sharpen their skills! Work on footwork, shooting drills, and participate in specific soccer games. This class is geared towards campers who have experience playing soccer in a competitive setting.

African Drums

Learn the history, technique and different styles of African drumming.  Campers will learn songs and movements that go along with these traditional music styles.


Each day campers will have the opportunity to participate and compete in archery in an environment that is both controlled and safe. Campers will learn how to safely and properly fire a bow and arrow and will also compete in daily and weekly challenges designed by the instructor.


Learn shooting, dribbling, defense and game technique and play games in a small group environment.

Beginning Guitar

Campers will take the beginning steps to playing guitar like a pro!  We will learn beginning guitar techniques like chords, strum patterns, and finger styles.  Campers will also learn chord progressions, and the different techniques that are used in their favorite songs. No experience needed!

Beginning Music Theory

Campers in the class will explore the world of music theory. Basic rhythm, key signatures, scales, chords, and note identification will be studied through engaging lesson and activities.

Brass Sectional

Perform with all brass players for an opportunity to explore the world of brass chamber music. Performances are at the end of three and six week sessions. Please indicate your instrument and years of experience on the class schedule worksheet. **MINIMUM ONE (1) YEAR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED**

Castle Dances

Throughout history dance has brought people together. This is how people got to know each other! This class will teach four to six English Country Dances from Medieval times. Performances at the end of three and six week sessions.


In Ceramics, campers will learn about different aspects of pottery. Campers will create handmade pieces using techniques like slabs, pinch and/or coil pots. They will also learn how to properly handle clay while it is on the wheel to create pots, bowls or cups. Campers will have their choice of colors for glazing their work for a finished quality.

Chatham Cheer Ensemble

“CCE”: Go, Fight, Win! The CCE will include the basics of cheerleading ranging from yelling/chanting to physical activity for sports. Campers will learn about team motivation, audience participation, and will learn basic routines ranging from 1-3 minutes. Campers must enroll in CCE every day in order to be a part of the Cheer Squad!

Chatham Flag Corps

Come join in on the fun and exciting Chatham Day Camp flag corps (previously named Music in Motion) and learn routines to music! This class is open to all levels, so whether you have been doing this for years or just picked up a flag, you will have a great time and learn interesting tricks that will impress your friends.

Chatham School of Rock

Feel what it's like to be in a real Rock Band! Campers will choose one or two songs to learn, rehearse as a group, and perform for a camp concert.  This class is a great first experience in forming a band and working together as a team to put on a rocking show.  Campers must have at least one year experience with their respective instrument. Please indicate your instrument and years of experience.


Buckets, trash cans, and sticks, oh my! Get ready to make music with anything but traditional instruments in this high energy performance group. Performances are at the end of three and six week sessions.


Think outside the frame! Learn the basics of film production along with pre, and post‐ production tips with lessons on Storyboarding, screenwriting, filming and editing.  

Climbing Wall

Take advantage of this opportunity to get hands on experience at Chatham University’s climbing wall! This course is designed to introduce the fundamental skills of rock climbing in a positive and safe environment. The challenges faced while rock climbing will help build on the principles of teamwork, communication, goal setting, and personal commitment. * You must sign the Release of Liability and return it with your campers’ schedule. THIS IS FOR DIVISION 5 CAMPERS ONLY

Concert Band

Concert band is a fun and exciting experience for campers to grow as performers on their instruments and become well rounded musicians by playing a variety of pieces for the concert band setting. Bring your band instrument (woodwind, brass or percussion) and enjoy making music with friends both old and new!

Creative Writing Autobiography

An advanced creative writing course for the writer seeking to explore and create narrative about the subject they know best: self! In this course, campers will learn to craft their own engaging autobiographical narratives. They will begin by creating life maps and exploring published autobiographies as mentor texts to illustrate effective narrative devices that hook readers. We will also explore how setting, descriptive sensory imagery, tone, characters and plot shape the narratives of our own lives. Campers will enhance their critical thinking and revision skills through workshops and creative self-exploration. This course aims to develop a community of reflective and insightful self-expressionists whose narrative abilities will be exponentially enhanced by their keen awareness of the craft of autobiography!

Division 4 Contemporary Ballet

Come engage your creativity and imagination as we explore the world of Ballet. This class will challenge campers to expand their movement vocabulary, capability, and expression within the genre. Campers will not only expand their technical ability, but will also engage in collaboratively creating dances.

Division 5 Contemporary Ballet II

Come engage your creativity and imagination as we explore the world of Ballet with an increased intensity. This class will challenge campers to continue to expand their movement vocabulary, capability, and expression while presenting specific challenges to increase skills in performance and choreography.

Digital Photography

Whether you want to become the next National Geographic photographer, or just want to learn how to take a better selfie, this class is for you! Campers will learn all the basics of good composition, lighting, posing, and more to make photographs look professional. You will be able to practice sports photography, portraiture, and even photojournalism. Campers will learn how to perfect their photos and make fun images with Photoshop tutorials.


All the basics of acting, voice projection, staging, character creation and more.  Campers will participate in the camp play.  This class is open to 3 and 6 week campers, and it must appear on your schedule EVERYDAY!


For the nature-loving artist, eco-art combines the best of both worlds. Campers will learn how to make beautiful, unique works of art with objects found in nature. Recycle everyday items into functional objects or artwork. Learn about the wonders of nature through the lens of art.

Flag Football

Our flag football class is the perfect outlet for any camper’s football passion or, someone who loves sports! This class provides an introduction to the game of football in a fun and safe environment.

Fundies; Fundamentals of Theatrical Design

Do you want to learn more about how theatre is made? In this class, you will have the opportunity to conceive and create the scenery and costumes for the camp musical.  You will also have the opportunity to participate in backstage run crews for both the drama class presentation and the camp musical. Suggested equipment for this class includes messy/paint clothes and messy/paint shoes.

Glee Please- Glee is a performance-based class.  We will have fun singing many different kinds of vocal music: pop, musical theater, rock and roll, jazz, and others.  We will also incorporate choreography and sometimes props into our performances.  Most songs will feature one or more soloists. This option must appear on your schedule every day!

Hand Talk I : Explore the world of American Sign Language.  Each day, campers will enjoy a fun, music focused environment in which they will learn Sign Language basics as well as practical vocabulary.

This is for campers who have never taken a ‘Hand Talk’ class @ camp.

Hand Talk II : Explore the world of American Sign Language.  Each day, campers will enjoy a fun, music focused environment in which they will learn Sign Language basics as well as practical vocabulary.

Campers enrolled in Hand Talk II must have already taken ‘Hand Talk’ a previous summer @ camp.

Imagination Ink: Plays, poetry, myths, and legends—this is the stuff imaginations are made of! This summer, campers will learn the fundamentals of creative writing by journaling, exploring, and collaborating with their peers. Campers will use the elements of creative writing—plot, setting, character, dialogue, conflict, mood, and personification to bring their own work to life. Campers will also learn how to effectively discuss creative writing with peers and how to constructively discuss each others’ work. In this course, ink is key, but imagination is essential. Come ready to write!


Interactive Fitness: Learn how to stay physically active in a fun environment with friends and an Xbox Kinect! The course will incorporate fitness based activities and dynamic games using the Xbox Kinect. The activities offered through the course will be based on the five components health related fitness.


Jazz Band- Learn to play America's music! The basics of jazz and improvisation will be taught using age appropriate arrangements and the classic twelve bar blues. Performances are at the end of three and six week sessions. *YOU must indicate your instrument and years of experience on the class schedule worksheet. **MINIMUM ONE (1) YEAR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED**

Jazz/Hip Hop: The dynamic of this class is reserved for all levels. Jazz/Hip Hop class is a mixture of cutting edge hip hop with a twist of subtle hint of jazz movement. With the use of extensions, leaps, and turns students will challenge themselves to a new level in dance. Students will also explore the use of improvisation and build their creativity through movement.

Jewelry Making: This course is designed to teach students the fundamentals of jewelry making.  It gives students the opportunity to create their own wearable works of art. 

Journey into Jazz: Take a journey back to the very beginnings of jazz, swing, ragtime and bebop to learn about America's greatest jazz music and musicians! Get ready to listen to a variety of music and travel into the exciting world of jazz. No instrument is necessary for this class-just your love of music!

Juggling, Slackline, and Circus, Oh My!: Have you ever wondered how circus performers balance on a tightrope or juggle three balls at one time? Here's your chance to learn! Join us to learn the basics of circus performing including slackline, juggling, glow in the dark poi, and more.  This class is great for beginners as well as campers who have taken it before.  This class can be taken alone or with "Acro, Balance, and the Circus, Oh My!" for a great circus experience!


Junior Choir (Division 4): Junior Choir is a chance for 5th and 6th graders to explore singing in a group!  We’ll focus on the basics of singing, with an introduction to breathing, vocal range, diction, and colorful expression.  Campers will learn the fun of singing different styles of music, like jazz, classical, and pop, all while preparing for the camp showcase performance.  This class is a great first choir experience for young campers interested in music and singing!

Maestros in the Making (MitM): Campers will learn how to apply basic music theory and compositional techniques in order to create their own original works, covering a variety of musical forms and styles.

Mixed Media: Study amazing modern artists while learning about a variety of unique materials and interesting techniques! Experiment with collage and layering as you create small and large master pieces with a variety of paints, drawing materials, and surprise items you never thought you’d see in art class!

Modern Dance: Come dance! Be immersed in the world of Modern dance, exploring a survey of techniques, styles, and choreographic themes within the genre. Campers will investigate the movement efforts of weight, time, space, and flow as they expand their movement range and develop their choreographic voice. No previous experience needed!

Musical Theater*: - A Chatham Day Camp standard; Be a part of a full length musical production performed at the end of the six week camp, this option is for six week campers only and must appear on your schedule everyday !

Orchestra: Campers will develop their musical skills and string playing techniques through the practice, rehearsal, and performance of a variety of orchestral repertoire. The class culminates in a performance at the end of camp.

Outdoor Leisure Activities: Have fun with other campers while learning fun games that can be played with friends and family! The course will take place in an outdoor environment and will focus on activities played in a picnic like atmosphere.


Performing Poetry: Poetry is a genre meant to be heard-- full of meter, rhyme, and explorations of sound. Campers will learn to view their poetry as works of performance art by listening to prominent examples of performance poets and by developing their own styles of performance in line with their interests in writing. Campers will also have the chance to practice performing their works for other campers, allowing them to experience the unique enjoyment of opening their poems up to an audience and the thrill of audience response. This course aims to allow campers the opportunity to experience their own work not just as written but as performed, as well as the opportunity to discover and experience a new style of poetic expression!


Piano Lab:  is an opportunity for students at any level to either learn to play piano or to continue with their piano skills. There are three main areas of focus for this class: 1. Exercises for better technique; 2. Basic music theory skills; and 3. Playing repertoire for the piano. Students are welcome to bring in any music and books they are currently using, or they may elect to use materials provided by the teacher. Students will have time each day to practice, and performance expectations are discussed between the teacher and student. Students are able proceed as they feel successful and comfortable!

Poetry and Dance: This unique Friday workshop will take campers on a journey of exploring distinguished poetry through movement. We will collaboratively create dances that represent the meaning, themes, symbolism, and literary devices we investigate in each piece of poetry. Campers will also collaboratively create poems and use compositional tools to create dances that hold the meaning of their own words. Come ready to play with movement and words! No prior experience necessary.

"Prop Shop"- Have you ever wondered why actors use props? Have you ever wondered what a prop was made of? In Prop Shop, you’ll learn about the ordinary and extraordinary materials used onstage. You will have the opportunity to create the stage props used in the camp musical. In addition, you will assist in creating various costume props. Suggested equipment for this class includes messy/paint clothes and messy/paint shoes.

Ready, Set, Sports!- Campers will engage in a variety of field sports from wiffle ball to flag football.  Campers will be able to participate in a variety of different games and sporting activities. Each week, a new sport will be introduced and each camper will have the opportunity to participate in the activities that are created by the instructor.

Senior Choir (Division 5): Senior Choir is a more sophisticated choral experience for 7th-9th graders who want to develop their vocal abilities.  We’ll delve into exercises and activities that explore the fundamentals of vocal technique, including breathing, vocal range, diction, and personal expression.  We’ll also experiment with important musical skills like sight singing, rhythm dictation, and improvisation.  Students will experience and discuss various musical styles, like classical, pop, and jazz, all while preparing for the final showcase performance.  This class is a fun and creative exploration of singing designed for campers of all experience levels!


Soccer- Learn technique and play games in a small group environment. Every day, we will play soccer-related games such as World Cup, Power-Finesse, Pirate Treasure, and actual scrimmages.  The students will be instructed on proper form, tactical approach, and teamwork. 

Song Writing: This class is an opportunity for campers to learn to express themselves through song!  Campers will engage in the art of creative songwriting through different approaches to writing lyrics and melodies.  Campers will work individually and as a group using a variety of artistic prompts to develop songwriting fundamentals. They will turn poems into raps, create original lyrics, and explore melody creation.  This class is about personal expression - no experience needed!

String Sectional- Campers will develop their musical skills and string playing techniques through the practice and rehearsal of a variety of music, possibly including solo, chamber, and small ensemble repertoire.

Summer Pinterest Workshop:  Create projects from your favorite pins! As a class, we will work on learning how to find fun DIY projects on Pinterest and make them in class. 

Summer Scrapbooking & Crafting – Campers will put together their very own summer scrapbook using their favorite camp memories! Craft projects will be the latest trends, following ideas from Pinterest. Campers will explore their creative outlet through crafting & scrapbooking.

Summer Stitching: This course will offer campers a variety of textile experiences.  We will be working with yarn, thread, fiber, cloth, and embroidery floss.  The course will cover the basics of weaving, stitching and simple knitting.  We will use knitting circles as well as round and rectangular weaving boards. 

Swimming- Our aquatics instructors will help campers enhance their swimming skills and our beautiful indoor pool is the perfect complement to a hot summer day! Swimming may be taken every day.               

Tap 101: Learn the basics of tap! This class is designed to focus on rhythm, style, sound, and fun! We will explore different styles of tap including Broadway down to the core of Rhythm tap. This class with also let students explore their creativity of improve movement.

Theme-park Imagineers: Learn what it takes to create a Disney-style theme-park, a top notch musical concert or Olympic Games Opening Ceremony! Learn how to think like an imagineer and how to take your idea from concept to a 3D model!

The Reporter: From on camera reporting to voice overs, students will learn all aspects of writing, shooting, and producing their very own news stories. With this course students will learn how to write for news and broadcast their stories.


Totally TV: Why just watch TV when you can try your hand at writing, directing, filming or acting for television? You spend so much of your life watching TV - here's your chance to find out about what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite TV shows and discover what makes them so fun and entertaining.


Volleyball- Learn technique and play games in a small group environment.

Woodwinds Sectional: Campers who play woodwind instruments will develop their musical skills and technique through practicing a variety of solo, chamber and small ensemble repertoire.

*Classes are subject to change before registration opens.