Softball Camp


Women's Softball Day Camp

DATES to be announced
7th-12th grade


The Cougar Softball Camp opens new learning opportunities for upcoming softball athletes to develop and expand on their skills. The camp is designed to help improve the defensive and offensive games. The Softball camp will cover a wide range of topics from throwing, fielding, hitting, base running, and some agilities taught by Chatham Coaches and athletes! 

Skills campers will learn:

  • knowledge in proper base running

  • bunting

  • slapping(for left handed batters)

  • pitching

  • catching

  • hitting approach

  • reading the defense as an offensive player

  • reading the offense as a defensive player

  • fielding

  • throwing

  • sliding

Example DAY Schedule

9:00am: Registration/Check-In
9:30am: Warm up and agility
10:30am: Position groups - offense, defense, and base running
1:00pm: Lunch
1:30pm: Re-stretch & warm up
2:00pm: Game
3:15pm: Questions & review
3:30pm: Depart campus